Training Calendar, Training Forms and the Procedures for Registering a Course

Link for the PPCT Management Systems, Inc. Training Calendar

The PPCT / Human Factor Science Training Calendar is how we track our Instructor courses going on around North America. Should you not be able to find any courses in the time and area you are looking for, please contact us and our staff will be able to assist you in locating a class or an Instructor Trainer to contact to help (re)certify your class.

Training Forms (Updated 02/01/23)

Training Certification Request Form
Course Attendance Form
Training Injury Report Form
Pre-Program Wellness Form
Post-Program Wellness Form

The Proper Procedure for Registering a Course

At least 30 days in advance of class (if possible), please fill out the Training Certification Request (TCR) form. Please fill the form out fully. Attach this in an email to [email protected]. Include a copy of the Instructor's certificate with this form. If there are multiple Instructors for your course, please make sure they are notated on the TCR and their certificate is attached. Also include the inside cover pages of the Student and Instructor manuals your Instructor will be using so we can verify that you are using the correct version. Using an outdated manual is prohibited. All students in a course must have their own manual for use in class. Photocopying sections of the manual is prohibited. We appreciate 30 days lead time if you are ordering manuals as we have limited stock of manuals on hand at a time.

After your course is completed, within seven days, please fill out and return to us the Course Attendance and Training Injury Report forms. You may also include the Pre/Post Statement of Well Being.