Edged Weapon Countermeasures

The new Edged Weapon Control System (formerly known as the Spontaneous Knife Defense Program) is based upon the reality of an imminent Lethal Force Engagement. We adopted human factor variabilities of a narrow bandwidth, and the Incapacitation Template. The Incapacitation Template includes:

- Check
- Distract & Disrupt (distract cognitive intent, while disrupting homeostasis and balance)
- Assess (situational awareness and postural control)
- Incapacitate (with immediate and decisive effects)

Subsequent to the increased threats to criminal justice officers, it was decided it was time to accelerate the decisive effectiveness of our techniques. Thus, Occipital Stuns, OS Crack-Back’s and CQB Engagement of the Pelvis have been included into the systems.

Inside of the RG techniques include Trap Checks, Check / Stun Splits, followed by Distract & Disrupt Kicks to the Superficial Peroneal. If the Situational Assessment requires follow-up, Incapacitation will be facilitated through a Brachial Stun, Occipital Stun, Crack-Backs, or CQB Firearms engagement to the Pelvis.

The above design and technique methodology is a convergence of U.S. Army SERE, CIA and Special Operations communities from 1987 through 2010. Thus, we have included a model that has “established” past performance, but a model that also is consistent with the 2010 Human Factor, Deep Learning and macro/micro pattern recognition neural network research.

The program is already being taught by Bruce and Staff Instructors of PPCT. Manuals are slated to release in the summer of 2021.