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PPCT Management Systems, Inc. is unparalleled in our commitment to training and research. From being one of the first to utilize pressure points in defensive tactics to today's research into threat pattern recognition and its correlation in multiple areas of training (Use of Force, Knife, Ground Firearms and others), PPCT has been at the forefront of cutting edge research and how it can better serve our law enforcement communities. Agencies across North America know that PPCT will deliver their training methodologies, materials and conduct in a manner reflecting their own ideals. This conduct has served us well with nearly four decades of satisfied clients.

Our Most Popular Programs and Training Products

Starting from the criminal justice field to expanding to various Department of Defense and Intelligence-related agencies, government contracts of various sizes and more, we have been at the top of professional training for over 40 years and offer the training programs and products to assist any agency in their needs.

Threat Pattern Recognition Use of Force

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Training Calendar and Forms

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Edged Weapon Countermeasures

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Ground Control Systems

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Tactical Firearms Engagement

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Training Products

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